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Conselho Nacional de
Científico e Tecnológico
Water Availability, Vulnerability of Ecosystems and Society 
in the Northeast of Brazil


Preliminary Results 
September 2000

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Working Group Title
Overview The WAVES Program: Conception, Results and Perspectivest
Integrated Modelling  The Semi-arid Integrated Model (SIM).....
Landscape Ecology Integration of the WAVES research results as a means for regional planning
Scenarios Scenario Development as a Tool for Integrated Analysis and Regional Planning
Climate Analysis and Modelling Simulation of regional climate scenarios on a distributed memory platform
Water Availablilty and Management

Large-Scale Water Budget Model

Modelling Water Availability in North-eastern Brazil
Water Availablilty and Management

Large-Scale Water Management Model

Water Management Modeling in Ceará and Piauí (Northeast of Brazil)
Water Availablilty and Management

Water Management Resources

Agroecosystems Potential of EPIC/ALMANAC to Estimate Crop Yields under Erratic Rainfall in NE Brazil

Adaptation of the crop growth models EPIC and Almanac to local cowpea and maize cropping systems in Northeast Brazil

SPICE - A Land Resources Information System for the states of Ceará and Piauí

Socio-economic and Socio-cultural Analyses


Management strategies on individual farm level in the WAVES focus regions
Socio-economic and Socio-cultural Analyses

Socio-cultural Analysis

Quality of Life and Migration - Technical Aspects and Results of Social Modeling