3 Organisational structure

The WAVES-project is a joint contribution of Brazil and Germany to the global change research programme. The organizational structure of WAVES is outlined in Figure 3.
Fig. 3: Organizational structure

A German-Brazilian Joint Steering Committee will charged with the scientific supervision of the project with respect to reseach objectives and methodology. It gives scientific direction and aproves the project framework. Working group proposals jointly prepared by Brazilian and German scientists will be submitted to the Steering Committee, which has to monitor the adherence of working group proposals to the general goals and concept of the project. The Steering Committee will be formed by two governmental representatives and one independent scientist of each country.

A German and a Brazilian Management Group is to follow up and control the research activities in the two countries. It has to guide and harmonize the work with the respect to the objectives. The groups take decisions in agreement with the project framework. The management groups consist of responsable scientists of the project and cover the whole disciplinary range.

The main partners of co-operation are:


Brazil WAVES is sponsored by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Conselho National de Desenvolvimento Científico Tecnológico (CNPq). The actual main project phase was started in 1997 and will be finished in 2000.