International Conference



Achievements of the German-Brazilian cooperative research on
sustainable land and water management in Northeastern Brazil

Conference Venue
Avenida Beira Mar

Preliminary Program
(Last modified on: June, 19, 2001)


First Day: 28.6.2001
..9:00 Opening Ceremony (Chair: Luiz Gonzaga Rebouças Ferreira)
Representative of State government (Dra. Mônica Clark Nunes Cavalcante)
Representative of German government (Dra. Annette Münzenberg)
Representative of MCT/CNPq (N.N.)
Representative of the German funding agency: (Dr. Claudio Zettel)
Representatives of universities (UFC / UFPi)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Achievements of the German-Brazilian research on land and water management in the states of Ceará and Piauí (Karl Stahr, José Carlos de Araújo)
11:30 Climate scenarios for the states of Piauí and Ceará (Axel Bronstert)
12:00 Lunch
Session I: Databases and models for water management (Chair: Washington Luis de Sousa Bonfim)
13:30 Large scale hydrological models for the WAVES study area: water availability and reservoir sedimentation (Andreas Guentner and José Carlos de Araújo)
14:00 Water use and cost of water supply in the states of Piauí and Ceará (Mario Mendiondo and José Carlos de Araújo)
14:30 GIS based hydrological modelling for mesoscale river catchments (Christoph Kuells)
15:00 Regional analysis of water quality and salinity with GIS (Marlúcia Freitas and Horst Frischkorn)
15:30 Coffee Break
Session II: Databases and models for land resources management at local and regional level (Chair: Horst Frischkorn)
16:00 Agroecological zoning for Piauí and Ceará - an application of the land resources information system SPICE (Thomas Gaiser)
16:30 Effectiveness of fertilisation and other agricultural management options in Picos and Tauá (Joachim Herfort)
16.50 Testing of the crop growth models EPIC and CROPWAT in the WAVES focus regions (Luiz Gonzaga Rebouças Ferreira)
17:10 Application of crop growth models under semi-arid tropical conditions - agronomic management and land use planning (Luiz Gonzaga Rebouças Ferreira, Joachim Herfort and Inacio de Barros)
17:20 Social movements and political participation in a context of political backwardness: the case of Picos (Washington Luis de Sousa Bomfin)
17:40 Quality of life and migration - concepts and results of socio-economic surveys in Tauá and Picos (Dagmar Fuhr)
18:00 Closing first day
20:00 Conference Dinner



Second Day, 29.6.2001
  Session 3: Integrative tools (Chair: Karl Stahr)
..8:30 RASMO - a regional agricultural sector model for the states of Ceará and Piauí (Sabine Hoeynck)
..9:00 A model for sustainable development of land use and water management in the regions of Picos and Tauá (Andreas Printz)
..9:45 Sustainable use of natural resources in the municipality of Tauá -CE (Vládia Pinto Vidal de Oliveira)
10:15. Coffee Break
10:45 Derivation of water supply intervention measures for Ceará until 2025 (José Carlos de Araújo)
11:15 The semi-arid integrated model: a coupled approach for the simulation of climate, water, soil, agricultural and socio-economic processes (Axel Bronstert)
11:45 Using parallel processing in optimizing calculation time of large equation  systems (Mauro Pequeno)
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Development of integrated scenarios for Ceará and Piauí until 2025 (Petra Döll)
14:15 Simulating the impact of climate change in the state of Ceará with different scenario background (Annekathrin Jaeger)
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Future perspectives and expectations
The scientific community (Petra Döll)
The state government of Ceará  (Dra. Mônica Clark Nunes Cavalcante)
16:00 Special Conference Event 
16:15 Round table discussion (Chair: Gerd Kohlhepp)

Participants: Fritz, Vlek, Stahr, Fialho, Clark, Gonzaga, Salati

17:30 Closing ceremony